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Our expertise in market research, operational experience & business development combined with our unique & rich database places ABG as a leading UAS oriented strategic consulting & research firm for all UAS related stakeholders

From system manufacturers, via component & sub-system suppliers to potential customers, whether end-users, investors, market research, regulators, academia and more ABG is a one-stop-shop for in-depth analysis & professional consultation spanning over all areas of interests within the UAS industry

About the portal

Our objective is to supply an open source, professional, UAS online news portal. The news portal is a by-product based on ABG-SC’s extensive UAS database. The portal itself features hand-picked articles from the database that best fit the spirit of the portal.

Inspired by our clients’ request, the portal offers a glimpse to the company’s rich UAS database, with which we provide our clients in-depth professional consultancy and analysis even though it is comprised of only 2% of the full data. Nevertheless, the quality and quantity of information provided is in the top tier of professional, open source, news sites

Key Advantages of the portal

Custom made user interface

The portal was designed to efficiently cater the industry professionals according to their immediate requirements as articles can be accessed via various methods:

Interactive map

Immediate access to the country of choice. Suitable for specific countries of interest (i.e. regional marketing directors)


Immediate access by relevant categories

  • Contracts – All the latest and most relevant contracts
  • Market – Features all the relevant market trends such as requirements, partnerships, acquisitions and more
  • Platform – Technological and market updates regarding the aerial platforms
  • Payloads – Technological and market updates regarding mission payloads
  • Components – Technological and market updates regarding the various systems components
  • Armament – Technological and market updates regarding weapon systems

Key Headlines & Summarization

  • Most articles are given new headlines clarifying their content to better filter & suit the reader’s requirements
  • The articles are summarized in key points removing information overload. If the reader desires to read the original full content he can do so with via the link provided

Overview & Comments

  • Relevant articles are given additional overview & comments by our professional analysists thus enriching the reader with a broader perspective with regards to the article
  • Of-course, the comments are general as we are restricted with information that can be given on the open-source portal as well as it being designated to the general audience, as opposed to specific readers with specific requirements, but nevertheless provides the reader with insightful added value

Search & Archive

  • All articles are stored on the site itself with their original URL thus can be easily accessed by the search function

The portal is a professional UAS source of information and not a traffic generating site for advertising purposes thus making the portal a genuine boutique site

As we take great pride with regards to our UAS expertise we feel that by advertising companies on the portal we are, in a sense, recommending their products and services. Thus, companies advertising within ABG-SC News Portal are handpicked and screened according to various measures

The audience targeted are the outmost professional & relevant stakeholders with key positions within the industry thus assuring the quality of our readers for the most effective exposure, as opposed to irrelevant sheer general quantity only. The portal is not intendent for hobbyists as the spirit and content are clearly noticed

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