WB Group's W2MPIR swarming network

Poland’s WB Group Unveils Swarming UAV System – Link

Source: UAS Vision

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  • Poland’s WB Group is promoting its new W2MPIR system.
  • The system comprises the company’s FlyEye and FT-5 Łoś UAVs, as well as the Warmate 1 (3.0) and Warmate 2 loitering munitions. These are controlled by the Topaz integrated combat management system (ICMS).
  • WB Group is also offering its encrypted low-emission Silent Radio Network suite – derived from the Perad radios suppled by subsidiary Radmor – to support communications between W2MPIR nodes.
  • “The main advantage of the W2MPIR system is the combination of Silent Radio Network communication system and Topaz [ICMS] unmanned aircraft systems [that are] capable of reconnaissance, electronic intelligence, and jamming [including the] FT-5 and FlyEye in co-operation with loitering munitions systems Warmate and Warmate 2,” Remigiusz Wilk, head of communications at WB Group.
  • “WB Group’s UAS features artificial intelligence [AI] to support navigation, stack, and attack capabilities,” added Wilk.
  • The FT-5 and FlyEye UAVs function as the reconnaissance and secure radio relay platforms for battalion-size command-and-control (C2) networks, forming the backbone of a localized navigation system.
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