Leonardo & Northrop Grumman announce partnership on VTOL UAS

Leonardo, Northrop Grumman to Join Hands on VTOL Drones – Link

Source: Defense World

Article Headlines
  • Drawing on Leonardo’s expertise in rotorcraft and Northrop Grumman’s capabilities in advanced aeronautics and autonomous UAS, the companies will focus on jointly addressing global opportunities in the VTOL UAS market.
  • The companies will consider collaboration on air vehicle design, system architectures, payload optimization and integration within next generation battlespace architectures, with a focus on customer requirements and mission-based Concepts of Operations.
  • Northrop Grumman Australia and Leonardo Australia have teamed to compete to provide a Maritime Uncrewed Aerial System (MUAS) to the Royal Australian Navy under the SEA129 Phase 5 program, using the Leonardo’s AWHero and elements of Northrop Grumman’s advanced battlespace architecture system as the basis of a next generation deployable intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and targeting (ISR&T) capability.
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