India Procures Additional Loitering Munitions

Indian Army orders locally produced loitering munitions – Link

Source: Jane’s

Article Headlines
  • The Indian Army has signed two contracts worth a combined INR2 billion (USD27.4 million) to acquire a total of 200 locally produced loitering munitions to meet urgent operational requirements.
  • The first contract, worth INR1 billion, was awarded on 31 August to a joint venture (JV) between local company Alpha Design Technologies Limited (ADTL) and Israel’s Elbit Systems for the supply of 100 SkyStriker loitering munition systems.
  • The second contract, also worth INR1 billion, was awarded to Bangalore-based NewSpace Research and Technologies on 3 September for 100 locally developed ‘swarm drone units’ capable of also seeking, tracking, and striking enemy targets with a 5 kg or 10 kg warhead in tactical-level engagements.
Overview & Comments
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