Joint military UAS training exercise in Israel

Joint military UAS training exercise in Israel


Source: IDF

Article Headlines
  • The term ‘world / industry leader’ is used a lot within various descriptions and articles, however, in the case of the IDF’s dominance in UAS warfare, both in local technology but more so with operational know-how, ‘world leader’ is an understatement.
  • No article, including this one, can do true justice to the IDF’s actual operational conduct with regards to its UAS warfare, but if one word is needed to describe it, it cannot be less than astonishing.
  • In a recent exercise Israel hosted delegations from the US, UK, Germany, Italy & France.
  • “Crews will practice various scenarios, including assisting ground forces, performing contractual missions and gathering intelligence, and cooperating with various air forces,” the IDF said. Israeli Air Force commander Maj. Gen. Amikam Norkin said that Israel was a pioneer in UAVs. “The exercise is a platform for learning and mutual fertilization. The exercise has significant significance and effects in positioning the Air Force in the international arena,” said Norkin.
  • The IDF says it will succeed in “strengthening cooperation and mutual learning between Israel and the participating countries. The exercise takes place as part of the Air Force’s annual training program aimed at strengthening the IDF’s operational capability.”
Overview & Comments
  • While Israel’s (political) adversaries will stop at nothing with regards to spreading biased (at best) to fake news (most of the time) with regards to its operational conduct, the truth could not be farther away from the descriptions found within various public domains / social media.
  • Thus, for the obvious reasons, as can be found with most military subjects, knowledge with regards to tactics & technology will remain outside of the public, while in fact mutual exercises with key allies brings forth their high interest to the Israeli know-how.
  • In a sense, to a certain degree, these high-end capabilities are also contributing to a certain decline in Israeli UAS export (due to local export regulations) allowing the void to be filled by players such as China & Turkey.
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