Steadicopter's Black Eagle RUAS receives BVLOS permit in Israel

Steadicopter’s Black Eagle RUAS receives BVLOS permit in Israel

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  • Steadicopter’s Black Eagle RUAS received a BVLOS permit in Israel for support of the company’s services to local users.
  • The Black Eagles are widely used for numerous activities, both civil applications alongside paramilitary missions, within Israel.
  • “Although Israel is extremely small, the country obtains almost every type of geographic landscape – from plush forests and mountainous humid areas in the north to a dry desert in the south. As Israel’s leading rotary UAS manufacturer we designed the Black Eagle family of products to cope within the vast range of terrain & weather conditions especially in low altitudes of flight & long endured hovers”, says Noam Lidor, VP Marketing. “The newly acquired BVLOS permit enables us to fully implement the RUAS’ unique capabilities in flying low and slow or high and far to fulfill all our clients’ mission requirements”.
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