AVT Australia demonstrates new 260 gram micro gimbal

AVT Australia Launches the CM62 Micro Gimbal at Land Forces – link

Source: AVT Press Release

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  • From 1st June 2021, AVT Australia will be launching its CM62 Micro Gimbal at Land Forces, at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.
  • The CM62 Micro Gimbal is an innovative, multi-sensor imaging system that combines high definition electro-optical (EO) imagery and a custom long-wave infrared (LWIR) core in a 260g, compact system.
  • Developed under a Defence Innovation Hub (DIH) contract, the CM62 offers high performance intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), in a small, lightweight and low-power system to enhance future small unmanned aerial system (sUAS) operations.
  • “We are proud to announce the public launch of the CM62 Micro Gimbal, which will deliver innovative surveillance capabilities for Group 1 UAS missions” said Joel Pineiro, Managing Director at AVT Australia, “The CM62 represents a new generation of miniature surveillance systems that is capable of delivering accurate daylight and thermal imaging, with superior onboard processing features, in a system that weighs as little as 260g. This system will have a significant impact on the future-warfighter during sUAS operations.”
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