Chinese Black Hornet Knock-off Unveiled at IDEX 2021

Chinese Black Hornet Knock-off Unveiled at Abu Dhabi – link

Source: UAS Vision

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  • Huaqing Innovation has unveiled a copy of the Black Hornet Nano named Fengniao.
  • The unmanned aerial vehicle was on show at the Abu Dhabi International Defence Exhibition and Conference.
  • According to the company the Fengniao can transmit images 400 metres further, though the drones have a similar operation time of about 25 minutes. But the Fengniao’s battery can be replaced after a flight, unlike the Black Hornet which has to be recharged.
  • They also have similar camera combinations that allow for panoramic images to be taken at a relatively high altitude, and a thermal camera for night vision can be attached to both the Fengniao and the latest Black Hornet.
  • Other features of the Fengniao include laser sensors on four sides to help it detect and avoid obstacles. It also supports networking data links thus can be used as part of a formation of up to 16 drones on a mission. In addition, those datalinks also mean the latest tactical command systems can be used to control the drone from the ground via a smartphone app.
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