Milkor unveils armed UAV at IDEX 2021

Milkor unveils armed UAV at IDEX 2021 – link

Source: Defence Web

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  • Milkor has officially launched its unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) at the 2021 edition of IDEX in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Milkor displayed the aircraft at IDEX with six guided weapons on the wings. Milkor worked with the UAE’s HALCON to display its Desert Sting guided munitions at the show.
  • The Desert Sting unpowered munitions series features an inertial navigation system and GNSS for navigation with an optional semi-active laser seeker. The Sting series has a range of 16 km but offers different warhead sizes, with the munitions weighing between 10 and 50 kg.
  • According to Milkor, the UCAV is a medium altitude long endurance UAV with 30,000-foot altitude and 35+ hours endurance. It has an 18.6 meter wingspan and can carry out line of sight operations up to a range of 350 km and beyond line of sight operations to a range in excess of 1 000 km with a satellite link.
  • Maximum takeoff weight is 1,300 kg and payload 210 kg. Top speed is 250 km/h and cruise speed of 110-150 km/h.
  • It has five hardpoints for various payloads and can carry SAR/ISAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar/Inverted Synthetic Aperture Radar), Communications Intelligence (COMINT), AIS (Automatic Identification System), communications relay, communications jammer and other systems.
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