Paramount launches N-Raven swarming UAV system

Paramount launches N-Raven long range swarming UAV system – link

Source: Defence Web

Article Headlines
  • Paramount Advanced Technologies (PAT) has launched a long-range precision strike swarming UAV system called N-Raven
  • Announced during the IDEX trade show Paramount said the N-Raven family of autonomous, multi-mission aerial vehicles feature next generation ‘swarm’ technologies to accomplish numerous missions with pinpoint precision
  • The N-Raven family has been designed for technology transfer and portable manufacture from within partner countries, the company said
  • Operational units can launch the N-Raven UAV from multiple land-based, naval, and airborne platforms. The UAVs can strike both static and moving targets
  • The 41 kg N-Raven has a cruise speed of approximately 180 km/hr and a loitering endurance time of approximately two hours. N-Raven swarm loitering munitions offer a variety of sensors with each being capable of carrying a 10–15 kg payloads up to a range of 250 km
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