Taiwan's Teng Yun MALE UAV prototype destroyed during flight training

Taiwan’s Teng Yun MALE UAV prototype destroyed during flight training – link

Source: Jane’s

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  • A Teng Yun (Cloud Rider) MALE UAV prototype was destroyed in a crash in Taitung county, eastern Taiwan, during a routine flight training mission, the National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCSIST) said in an 18 February statement
  • “Our Teng Yun UAV took off from Taitung Zhihang Air Base this afternoon to perform routine training,” NCSIST stated. “At 1833 hours [local time], due to the abnormalities in the control system, it executed an emergency landing in accordance with the standard operating procedures, and then [executed a] forced landing on the grassland of Taitung Forest Park.”
  • News footage revealed that the destroyed UAV had been air vehicle serial number MU1611, one of two known Teng Yun prototypes under development by NCSIST’s Aeronautical System Research Division (ASRD)
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