Georgia developing indigenous ISR and strike UAS

Georgia developing indigenous surveillance and strike UAS – link

Source: Jane’s

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  • Tbilisi-based aviation plant TbilAviaMsheni (TAM) is developing Georgia’s first surveillance and strike UAS, dubbed Project T-31
  • A 25 January report showcased digital engineering sketches of the UAS three weeks after TAM’s Chairman, Vazha Tordia, told Georgia InterPressNews (IPN) that the TAM Management company, founded in 2015, was developing Georgia’s first UAS
  • Tordia said Project T-31 was meant to furnish an affordable UAS that would use advanced materials and technology and reflect the requirements of the Georgian Air Force, which he said was the most likely first customer
  • Mikheil Rogava, TAM‘s deputy director, told Janesthe company is discussing the project with potential investors and buyers, and the first UASs could be ready for delivery within 18 months of financing
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