GA-ASI Launches SkyGuardian Global Support Solutions

GA-ASI Launches SkyGuardian Global Support Solutions – link

Source: General Atomics

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  • General Atomics Aeronautical Systems announces SkyGuardian Global Support Solutions (SGSS), a new service and support program for GA-ASI customers operating the MQ-9B SkyGuardian and the maritime variant SeaGuardian
  • SGSS provides operators with reduced lifecycle costs and low risk by providing a guaranteed full-sustainment solution that allows for maximum system availability, commonality, and access to crew training at an affordable cost-per-flight-hour
  • “We’re drawing on our past experience with Performance Based Logistics programs,” said Vice President of Sustainment Sam Richardson. “SGSS will maximize fleet lifecycle savings by leveraging the economy of scale created by the expansion of the global fleet of MQ‑9B aircraft.”
  • SGSS will lower lifecycle costs for customers by leveraging the cost of sustainment across all MQ-9B operators. The plan merges resources, especially for regional operators, to create synergies in procurement, management, and depot repairs
  • This “Big Fleet Approach” provides collective buying power that incentivizes suppliers and subcontractors to create long-term contractual arrangements and innovative solutions to provide increased customer support and cost savings that are passed down to the customer
  • MQ-9B users who operate either a large fleet or small fleet will collectively realize significant cost savings
  • Services provided by SGSS include spare parts and depot-repair management, engineering field support and program sustainment engineering. SGSS has a customer-led governance structure that coordinates operator requirements and directs priorities for allocation of combined resources, making sustainability more affordable and predictable for customers
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