France selects Airbus' Aliaca UAS for shipborne operations

French ministry for Armed Forces selects Airbus Survey Copter Aliaca fixed-wing drone systems to equip its ships – link

Source: Airbus

Article Headlines
  • Airbus Defence and Space mini UAS subsidiary SURVEY Copter signed a contract with French DGA Armament general directorate to provide the French Navy with 11 systems, (22 aircraft), of the electrically powered fixed-wing Aliaca maritime version UAS (officially called SMDM / “Systèmes de Mini Drones aériens embarqués pour la Marine” by French authorities), including training and integrated logistic support
  • First deliveries are expected in 2021
  • The Aliaca maritime UAS allows up to 3 hour missions over a 50 km (27 Nm) range, carrying stabilized EO/IR payload and qualified to operate in severe environmental conditions. Launched by catapult, the Aliaca maritime UAS concludes its flight by landing automatically using a dedicated net landing solution. With a length of 2,2m and a wingspan of 3,6m for a maximum take-off weight of 16 kg, the Aliaca maritime UAS benefits from a silent electric motor
  • After 10 years of R&D investments and on-board experimentations, the Aliaca maritime UAS is a robust and resistant system to the corrosive maritime environment, an adapted solution to the electro-magnetic constrains on board, with a net recovery system, fully automated, meaning that no human action is required during the recovery phase
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