Skydio chosen to continue in a final prototyping phase for the Army's SRR

Skydio poised to supply first tranche of short-range recon drones to US Army – link

Source: Defense News

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  • The U.S. Army has chosen Skydio to continue in a final prototyping phase, which should lead to the company supplying the service’s first tranche of short-range reconnaissance drones
  • The Short-Range Reconnaissance system is a platoon-level, small quadcopter unmanned aircraft that will provide enhanced situational awareness, a spin-off from the Army’s earlier efforts to develop a rucksack-portable UAS
  • The Skydio X2D SSR system was one of six SRR prototypes the Army was evaluating against its program requirements. In a competitive down select, the service chose two systems to enter a limited user test conducted by the Army Test and Evaluation Command
  • The service will now evaluate Skydio’s final prototype in early April. Once the follow-on evaluation has been completed successfully, the Army’s program office for UAS will request approval from the Program Executive Office Aviation to enter into production with the Skydio system for the first tranche of systems
  • If approved for production, the Army will begin fielding within 90 days
  • The overall acquisition strategy for the SSR is to conduct a series of three competitive tranches. The first will be fielded to approximately one third of the Army’s SRR requirement
  • Competitive prototype evaluation for the second tranche is expected to begin later this year
  • Skydio’s X2D comes with “the world’s leading AI-driven flight autonomy software,” according to the company statement. It is a foldable and portable system “that leverages hyper-strength composites to withstand the most demanding environments,” the statement adds
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