IAI Unveils WASP Persistent Wide-Area Monitoring

IAI unveils groundbreaking aerial surveillance system – link

Source: Jerusalem Post

Article Headlines
  • Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) unveiled its new WASP surveillance
  • The new system provides a high-resolution situational awareness picture of moving targets day and night and within a wide area of interest
  • “Utilizing state-of-the-art EO [Earth observation] and [infrared] IR sensors, AI [artificial intelligence] algorithms and adaptive rule engines, the system captures large areas in high revisit rate, to track, identify and alert the system operator of moving targets that correlate with mission requirements and objectives,” the IAI said in a statement. “Compact, light-weight and requiring low power consumption, WASP complies with a wide range of aerial platforms such as tactical UAVs, drones, fixed and rotary-wing aircraft, or tethered surveillance balloons.”
  • Mounted on a tactical UAV, such as the BirdEye 650D, WASP covers two square kilometers in optimal resolution to detect all types of moving targets. When mounted on a male UAV such as the Heron 1, the coverage area expands over 15 square kilometers to detect mostly vehicle sized objects and the like, the company said
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