Elbit Systems to Market Duke Robotics Armed Quadcopter Globally

Elbit Systems to Market Duke Robotics Armed Quadcopter Globally – link

Source: UAS Vision

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  • UAS Drone Corp. announced that its wholly owned Israeli subsidiary, Duke Airborne Systems Ltd.  and Elbit Systems Land  Ltd.  signed a Collaboration Agreement for global marketing and sales, and the production and further development of Duke’s developed advanced robotic system mounted  on  an  UAS armed  with lightweight firearms, or TIKAD
  • According to the main terms of the Collaboration Agreement:
    • Duke has granted Elbit a worldwide exclusive license for the use of Duke’s know how and intellectual property, and for the marketing, sales, production, and further development of the TIKAD for military, defense, homeland security and para-military uses
    • The parties will also cooperate in continuing a project that has already started with a customer in the Asia Pacific region. Elbit has agreed to invest, at its discretion and pursuant to certain milestones, in the further development and setting up of serial production lines of TIKAD and may elect to increase such investment subject to the satisfaction of certain criteria, including Elbit’s right to terminate the Agreement if, for example, the Project is cancelled by the customer.
    • In addition to the cooperation in the Project, Elbit will pay Duke royalties from revenues received from world-wide sales  of  TIKAD,  with  royalty  rates  ranging  from  low  to  mid-double  figure percentages, depending on the tiers of the selling price of TIKAD. Revenues to be received from the Project will entitle Duke to a higher payment and rate of royalties. Elbit will pay Duke royalties on sales of TIKAD units for a period starting from the date of the Agreement until 15 years following receipt of US $50 million in cumulative revenues from sales of TIKAD units
    • Duke to pay Elbit similar rates of royalties for revenues received by Duke from sales of its advanced robotic system for civil use, if such systems will include new know-how developed by Elbit.
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