GA-ASI Plans to Demonstrate Maritime Capability for NATO allies

GA-ASI Plans to Demonstrate Maritime Capability in UK – link

Source: General Atomics

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  • GA‑ASI announces its plan to take a company owned SkyGuardian to the United Kingdom later this year to undertake a series of operational capability demonstrations for NATO allies, including the Netherlands
  • The GA-ASI aircraft will be configured with maritime capability, including a multi-mode maritime surface-search radar with Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar imaging mode, an Automatic Identification System receiver, and a High-Definition, Full-Motion Video sensor
  • This will build on previous GA-ASI demonstrations showcasing the unmanned advantage, which include the transatlantic flight of SkyGuardian in 2018, maritime demonstrations in Greece in 2019 and last year’s validation flights in Japan
  • The series of civilian and military capability events is expected to kick off in July at the Royal Air Force’s Waddington Air Base and will culminate with the MQ-9B’s participation in the UK-led Joint Warrior exercise that will showcase how maritime capabilities can be integrated with other air, surface and land platforms
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