Nordic Unmanned acquires two Schiebel S-100s

CAMCOPTER S-100 UAS Selected by Nordic Unmanned – link

Source: UST

Article Headlines
  • Nordic Unmanned has purchased two of the systems
  • The acquisition follows successful sulphur sniffer operations with the UAS in Denmark and France, as well as the world’s first full-scale offshore UAV cargo delivery to the active oil and gas platform Troll A in Norway. These operations were both carried out by Nordic Unmanned and Schiebel
  • Nordic Unmanned and Schiebel have both been contracted by EMSA (European Maritime Safety Agency) to provide UAS services, and Nordic Unmanned has specifically been tasked with measuring ship sulphur emissions to check compliance with the EU rules governing the sulphur content of marine fuels. Measurements are transmitted in real time through the EMSA RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) Data Centre to the relevant authorities
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