Steadicopter demonstrates multi-domain mission solutions

Article Headlines
  • Over the beautiful Izrael Valley in Northern Israel Steadicopter performed a multi-domain scenario demonstrating the Black Eagle’s extreme versatile mission capabilities
  • With a minimal logistical footprint, the Black Eagle all electric variant performed all the tasks required by current users
  • The scenarios were composed of civilian applications, such as medical & logistic delivery, alongside military oriented ISR, utilizing EOIR, MPR, SIGINT payloads and more, demonstrating a minimum turnaround time between mission configurations
  • As Israel is a UAS powerhouse on technology & know-how, Steadicopter is the only Israeli based small tactical RUAV manufacturer
  • Their ability to carry a high payload capacity for relatively long flight times when compared to multi-rotor drones, and hover for extensive periods of time for a constant FOV when compared to the hybrid wing systems enables the systems to meet specific capabilities reserved only for RUAVs
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