US DOT&E reveals loss of 5GAT target prototype

US DOT&E reveals loss of 5GAT target prototype – link

Source: Jane’s

Article Headlines
  • The first prototype Fifth-Generation Aerial Target (5GAT) built for the US Department of Defense (DoD) was destroyed during a flight test in October 2020, the Pentagon’s Director, Operational Test and Evaluation (DOT&E) has revealed in its annual report to Congress
  • A full-scale, low-observable UAV sponsored by DOT&E, the 5GAT target is designed to enable platform and weapons test and evaluation (air-to-air and surface-to-air), pilot and ground-force training, and the development of tactics, techniques, and procedures against a stealthy fifth-generation threat
  • Sierra Technical Services (STS) was awarded a prime contract by the US Army Corp of Engineers Contracting Office in March 2017 to design, manufacture, assemble, integrate, and ground / flight test the 5GAT demonstrator
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