Airbus Develops UAV Launcher for A400M Aircraft

Airbus Develops UAV Launcher for A400M Aircraft – link

Source: Defense World

Article Headlines
  • Airbus has developed a launcher to release UAVs from the belly of an Airbus A400M military transport aircraft
  • This project is the result of a cooperation between Airbus (as the A400M integrator), Geradts GmbH for the launcher and SFL GmbH from Stuttgart for UAV integration and supported by DLR simulations
  • Development of the A400M UAV launcher is part of “Innovations for FCAS” (I4 FCAS) initiative, pilot phase of which was concluded last month. During the pilot phase, 18 innovative players worked on 14 projects in different areas, covering the whole range of FCAS elements: combat cloud, connectivity, new generation fighter, remote carriers, system of systems & sensors
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