Russia's S-70 tests bomb drops from internal bay

Russian Stealth Attack UAV “Okhotnik” Drops Bombs from Internal Bay – link

Source: Defense World

Article Headlines
  • The S-70 released a bomb from its internal bay hitting a ground target accurately at the Ashuluk range as part of flight tests
  • The S-70 drone, also called “Okhotnik” (“Hunter”in Russian) dropped unguided aerial bombs of 500 kilogram caliber from the inner fuselage compartment
  • The S-70 is designed to team up with the Su-57 stealth fighter jet and penetrate highly protected air defenses without risk to the Su-57 manned jet
  • The source did not state when the trials took place, but noted that these were not the first tests to destroy ground targets
  • The source stressed that “the newest sighting and navigation system installed on the Okhotnik makes it possible to use free-falling ammunition with an accuracy approaching that of a high-precision guided weapon.”
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