Hermes StarLiner selected for environmental protection in Canada

Canada Selects Elbit Systems’ Hermes StarLiner Unmanned Aircraft System for Environmental Protection – link

Source: Elbit Systems

Article Headlines
  • Elbit Systems announced today that following a competitive procurement process, Public Services and Procurement Canada, on behalf of Transport Canada, selected the Hermes StarLiner UAS to support maritime environmental protection missions in the Arctic and along the Canadian Eastern and Western coasts, as part of the Canadian National Aerial Surveillance Program
  • Certified to operate in civilian airspace, the Hermes StarLiner UAS will take-off and land in civilian airfields to perform a wide range of operations to reduce harmful environmental impacts, including detection of oil pollution, Ice Patrol and Reconnaissance, wildlife survey, Fisheries Patrol and others 
  • Adverse weather conditions and short endurance degrade the search and surveillance capabilities of manned aircraft, often preventing them from executing their missions. Deploying the Hermes StarLiner UAS will enable Transport Canada to maintain persistent surveillance over vast bodies of water and long coastlines
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