First flight for the Alpin RUAS

UAVOS, TITRA perform first flight of Alpin rotary wing UAV – link

Source: Jane’s

Article Headlines
  • UAVOS and Turkish engineering company TITRA performed the first flight of their Alpin UAV in early November
  • The Alpin is a long-range, heavy-lift unmanned helicopter capable of carrying payloads weighing as much as 160 kg with a range of up to 840 km
  • It features a wideband satellite communication channel & can withstand severe weather conditions as well as carry multiple payloads
  • The Alpin is a converted Heli-Sport CH7 piloted helicopter that is being offered for the Turkish market
  • UAVOS said on 17 December that the Alpin’s autopilot and servo drives, which belong to a family of autopilot solutions developed by UAVOS, have been mounted. A larger fuel tank and a UAVOS parachute system have also been installed.
  • UAVOS and TITRA also developed autorotation algorithms and created a provision for front-view radar installation
  • The Alpin’s pilot tube has been equipped with an automatic heater for operations in icy and rainy conditions
  • UAVOS and TITRA installed payload attachment brackets and a transponder on to the Alpin. The two companies have tested its basic aircraft systems and emergency operating modes, including autorotation landing and flights with a cargo container weighing up to 160 kg
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