AeroVironment has introduced an Extended Range Antenna (ERA)

Extended Range Antenna Introduced for UAS Command & Control – link

Source: UST

Article Headlines
  • AeroVironment has introduced an Extended Range Antenna (ERA) in a lightweight, portable form factor that expands UAS command and control to up to 40 kilometers
  • The new ERA is a lightweight, portable antenna array kit is designed to be integrated with AeroVironment’s standard RF head antenna
  • The ERA add-on kit narrows the antenna beam width, extending the command and control range up to 40 kilometers (24.9 miles) with minimal impact to its size, weight and power (SWAP) footprint
  • Similar to the standard RF head antenna, the ERA is manually positioned
  • The included RF Unit switch allows users to toggle between omnidirectional mode, for short-range operations, and extended range mode, for longer-range operations
  • The ERA supports both M1/2/5 and M3/4/6 Digital Data Link (DDL) operating bands
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