Airbus Zephyr HAPS UAV Completes Test Flight Campaign

Airbus Solar HAPS UAV Completes Test Flight Campaign – link

Source: UST

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  • Airbus Defence and Space has successfully completed a new test flight campaign with its Zephyr High Altitude Platform Station (HAPS) UAV
  • The test flights, which took place in Arizona, U.S.A., focused on aircraft agility, control and operations, demonstrating the platform’s operational flexibility and aircraft agility
  • The recent test flights were conducted with a Zephyr fitted with new software control systems and specific flight test instruments, as well as associated lighter test aircraft. They focused on lower altitude flying and early-stage transition to the stratosphere, and also provided validation for a new flight planning tool suite. Take-off, climb, cruise, upgraded flight control and descent phases, and successful landings were all demonstrated successfully
  • A previous successful test flight campaign saw Zephyr operate in the stratosphere for nearly 26 days (25 days, 23 hours and 57 minutes‎).
  • According to Airbus, this remains the longest flight duration of an aircraft ever made without refueling. The unmanned aircraft consistently achieved a dawn altitude of 60,000ft as well as its highest altitude of 71,140ft
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