France's requirement for battlefield radio communications interception payload on UAVs

French army wants UAVs to detect and intercept battlefield radio communications – link

Source: Army Recognition

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  • This call for projects issued on November 13 by the French Defense Innovation Agency (AID, agence de l’innovation de défense) for the benefit of the armed forces concerns the request for an electronic support payload that can be integrated into drones with a maximum take-off mass (MTOW) of less than 25 kg 
  • This payload must be able to detect, locate, identify or even interact with or block telecommunication transmitters 
  • This call for projects aims to contract one to several research and development projects of interest to the Ministry of Defense for a maximum duration of 7 months each (demonstration included)
  • In the field of drones, an emerging need is to have an electronic support payload allowing to:
    • be deployed from a drone (MTOW <25kg)
    • be programmed and reoriented during the mission (during the flight)
    • have reduced size, mass, energy and cost (SWaP-C1) constraints and in particular:
      • a size compatible with a carriage on a fixed or rotary wing drone
      • a maximum mass of less than 5 kg
      • an energy consumption of less than 50W
    • detect, locate and track one or more types of telecommunication transmitters in the {30 MHz – 6,000 MHz} band
    • simultaneously identify the transmitters detected (regardless of the technical solution chosen, including by interaction with the terminal)
    • to map the transmitters of interest in an area, whether urban or rural (management of the density of emissions, absence of saturation, masking and multi-path)
    • to have the information collected at the level of the drone implementation round station in real time
  • The Defense Innovation Agency only accepts proposals from all types of economic operators in the European Union: academics, small or medium-sized enterprises, mid-size companies, large groups
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