Vietnam to Convert MiG-21 ‘Flying Coffins’ into Drones

Vietnam to Convert MiG-21 ‘Flying Coffins’ into Drones – link

Source: UAS Vision

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  • According to reports, Vietnam is planning to convert its retired MiG-21s into combat drones
  • The Russian-made aircraft that form the backbone of the Vietnamese and Indian fleet which have been the most accident-prone. The MiG jet in particular has become known as the “flying coffin” in India due to extremely high accident rates
  • The Vietnamese Air Force retired its MiG-21s back in 2010. So far, research has been carried out on how to have the drone (MiG-21) land automatically
  • The MiG-21 remains the one of most-produced aircraft ever, which is still in active service by a number of nations since its first flight in 1955. The jets made many records upon its introduction and was the top-most interceptor for the Soviet Air Force, and is still for India in the form of MiG 21 Bisons
  • However, converting such an old aircraft into a combat drone could pose an enormous challenge compared to developing a new one altogether, as these airframes lack the modern electronic avionics and systems such as Fly-By-Wire
  • These are manually operated aircraft, which require a lot of expertise and skills to fly – and even today these jets are operated by pilots who have gathered a sizeable amount of flying experience
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