UBIQ Aerospace develops autonomous de-icing technology for group 2 & 3 UAVs

UBIQ Aerospace develops autonomous de-icing technology for UAVs

Source: Jane’s – link

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  • Norway’s UBIQ Aerospace has developed technology based on electro-thermal concepts that allows Group 2 and 3 UAVs to autonomously de-ice while flying in conditions conducive to icing
  • The D-ICE system works by monitoring the atmospheric conditions in which an aircraft is operating after take-off. Detection algorithms and sensors monitor the aircraft’s performance for unexpected aerodynamic changes to aerodynamic properties
  • As soon as icing, or operational conditions conducive to icing, is present the system boots up and begins detecting whether ice is building up anywhere on the aircraft. If ice is building up on the aircraft the system removes it through the electro-thermal panels located on specific areas of the aircraft prone to ice formations, such as the leading edge of an aerodynamic surface. The system also uses these electro-thermal panels to detect icing
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