UAV Factory's Penguin C Mk 2 Tactical UAS Unveiled

Penguin C Mk 2 Tactical UAS Unveiled – link

Source: UST

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  • The Mk 2 model has successfully completed its validation flight program and deliveries to customers are currently underway
  • The Penguin C Mk2 is available in Group 2 or Group 3 UAS configuration, and improves on the previous model in payload capacity, endurance and other capabilities. It has been optimized to carry payloads up to 8 inches in diameter and with a total weight of 4 kg, and features a unique swappable nose concept that allows field replacement of payloads within seconds
  • The payload bay also features an integrated motor that adds additional roll stabilization and protects the payload during recovery
  • The new UAS can be operated in GPS-denied environments, and uses advanced Silvus Technologies 2×2 MIMO datalinks with a radio link range of over 120 kilometers, with advanced features such as mesh networking, beamforming, encryption, integrated spectrum analyzer and interference avoidance
  • The Penguin C Mk2 has undergone a major propulsion system upgrade, with 28cc EFI (electronic fuel injection) engine that is complemented by a new fuel pump system. The engine can now operate continuously at ambient temperatures of over 55° C
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