Japan Moves Away from Chinese Drones

Japan Moves Away from Chinese Drones – link

Source: UAS Vision

Article Headlines
  • Japan may effectively shut off China from supplying drones to its government to protect sensitive information as part of a broad effort to bolster national security
  • The primary concerns are centered on information technology, supply chains, cyber security and intellectual property – worries that have been rising outside Japan as well
  • The defense ministry has several hundred drones, including some made by Chinese companies; the coast guard has about 30, and most are Chinese. Both said they were not using Chinese drones for security-related issues. Other government entities also use such drones
  • It’s unclear whether all would need to be replaced, but the new drones, used for sensitive work such as criminal investigation, infrastructure work and emergency rescues, would have to be secured against data leaks and go through stricter vetting procedures, the revamped policy says
  • The tightened rules, set to come into effect in April 2021, do not mention any country by name. But the senior government and ruling party sources told Reuters they were created with China in mind
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