FLIR releases Star SAFIRE 380X imaging gimbal upgrade

FLIR releases Star SAFIRE 380X imaging gimbal upgrade – link

Source: Jane’s

Article Headlines
  • FLIR released its 380X hardware, firmware, and software upgrade for its family of Star SAFIRE 380 gimbal systems
  • The 380X features enhancements such as artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality, multi-tile image display, and moving target indicators (MTIs)
  • FLIR said added processing while only adding roughly 0.5-0.7 kg to the total system weight. The typical Star SAFIRE system weighs between 27 kg for a compact system and roughly 49 kg for a laser designating platform
  • The 380X’s integrated moving map not only allows a user to see a map database, such as roads, but it can also import battlefield graphics such as phase lines, friendly locations, no-fire areas, hospitals, and NATO symbols
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