China's mass swarm tests

China likely to deploy new multiple UAV launcher in near future – link

Source: The Drive

Article Headlines
  • China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is likely to deploy UAVs in the near future that can be operated in swarms, as shown in video footage released by the China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) around mid-October
  • The footage showed a modified Dongfeng Mengshi 6×6 CTL181A armoured vehicle fitted with a 48-tube multiple UAV launcher being used in trials at an undisclosed location
  • The video also shows several UAVs being deployed from civil helicopters, indicating that development work on multiple launch platforms is in progress
  • Subsequent footage showed the UAVs forming a small swarm along with a simulated attack on a mock target. It also showed how imagery from the UAVs was being relayed to the operator
Overview & Comments
  • The UAV appears to be the CH-901 that initially appeared publicly in 2016
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