India's DRDO Rustom-2 continues flight tests

India’s Rustom-2 Drone Makes Successful Flight a Year after Crash – link

Source: Defense World

Article Headlines
  • India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) conducted successful flight tests of the Rustom-2 over a year after the aircraft crashed during trials
  • The medium altitude long endurance indigenous prototype UAV achieved eight hours of flying at an altitude of 16000 feet at Chitradurga, Karnataka
  • The prototype is expected to achieve a height of 26000 feet and endurance of 18 hours by 2020 end, Hindustan Times reported today.
  • The Rustom will continue to undergo test and user trials before being inducted by the Indian military
  • In September 2019, the Rustom-2 crashed during tests in Chitradurga
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