UVision's loitering munition on Milrem Robotics UGV

UVision Air and Milrem Robotics present UGV-mounted loitering munition multi-canister launcher – link

Source: Army Recognition

Article Headlines
  • UVision Air and Milrem Robotics have recently joined forces. The joint solution – Milrem Robotics’ Robotic Combat Vehicles, which are now mounted with Loitering Munition Multi-Canister Launcher, is a new step in the deployment of combat unmanned remotely operated systems
  • The new operational concept presented by the two companies is designed to offer frontline forces with a new independent ability to locate, track and accurately eliminate heavily armored targets from large distances in challenging battlefield conditions, including GPS denied environment and communication jamming, without the need for a headquarters’ support
  • It provides small light forces with advanced ISR capabilities combined with highly accurate long-range heavy fire power that were achieved until now only with complex cooperation between several units and echelons
  • The Launcher can be equipped with two of UVision’s already operational Loitering Munition Systems: the Hero-120, with its anti-tank warhead and up to one hour of flight time, and the Hero-400EC, capable of destroying fortified targets, with up to two operational hours. Milrem’s Type-X will also be equipped with a 40 km range communication antenna, located on a telescopic rising mast, improving the operator’s control of the system
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