Serbia eyes purchasing Turkish Bayraktar TB2

Serbia eyes buying Turkish-made combat drones – link

Source: AA

Article Headlines
  • Serbia’s president said that he plans to purchase Turkish-made UAVs 
  • President Aleksandar Vucic praised Bayraktar combat drones, noting that Serbia is very interested in drone systems and will certainly them in the future
  • “We will see whether we will reach an agreement with the Turkish side. In any case, these are very good drones. I have to give the Turkish manufacturers their due,” Vucic told reporters at the Palace of Serbia in the capital Belgrade
  • He underlined that the UAV systems are expensive but “very smart” investments
Overview & Comments
  • After exporting the TB2 to Ukraine & Qatar and the first export of the Anka UAS to Tunisia it is not surprising that further exports of Turkish UAS will be seen
  • Turkey is rapidly growing into a UAS power with great leaps in development over the past decade
  • For all updated Turkish related UAS updates click here
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