SpearUAV unveils hand launched Ninox 40 encapsulated UAS

SpearUAV unveils hand launched Ninox 40 encapsulated UAS – link

Source: Jane’s

Article Headlines
  • Israeli tactical UAS manufacturer SpearUAV has unveiled a hand-launched evolution of its Ninox 40 micro-tactical encapsulated UAS system
  • Ninox are a family of encapsulated UAS systems designed to deliver organic and immediate situational awareness/intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR) tactical superiority for strategic, tactical, and micro-tactical mission sets
  • Intended for air, land, and maritime applications in the defence domain, and also for border security, critical infrastructure protection and first responder support applications in a homeland security (HLS) role, the Ninox technology provides for a family of lightweight, modular, ready-to-use, optionally recoverable UASs housed in ruggedized and hermetically sealed programmable ‘smart’ capsules
  • Each capsule is furnished with an integrated proprietary launching mechanism that enables the UAS to be safely launched and instantly deployed. The mission is programmed into the UAS via the capsule, which also acts as wireless router between the deployed UAS and the ground control station (GCS)
  • The Ninox family currently provides for three baseline systems in 103 mm, 66 mm, and 40 mm calibres
  • As currently configured, all systems feature day/night camera, artificial intelligence (AI)-driven computer vision and automatic target tracking, homing algorithms, combined global navigation satellite system (GNSS) and inertial measurement unit (IMU) navigation, a commercial off-the-shelf, secured two-way datalink, and embedded mesh networking and swarm capabilities. An optional capability provides for operations in a GNSS-denied environment
Overview & Comments
  • The Ninox concept offers a simple yet highly effective operational capability with immediate readiness & response only a push of a button away
  • The integration into existing infrastructures, both mobile & stationary, enables a low-cost solution with a zero logistic trail
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