AeroVironment debuts the larger Switchblade 600

AeroVironment debuts bigger, anti-armor loitering missile – link

Source: Defense News

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  • AeroVironment is releasing a family of capabilities to include its new Switchblade 600, a larger version suited to go up against armored targets at greater ranges in denied and degraded environments
  • The 50-pound (22.7 kg) system can be set up and operational in less than 10 minutes and is designed to be capable of launching from ground, air or mobile platforms
  • The new version can fly for 40 minutes with a range of more than 40 kilometers. The missile exceeds a 115 mph (100 kts) dash speed and carries an anti-armor warhead designed to neutralize armored vehicles without the need for external intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance or fires assets
  • The new system comes with a touchscreen tablet-based fire control system with an option to pilot the vehicle manually or autonomously. The missile is secured through onboard encrypted data links and Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module GPS
  • The Switchblade 600 is also equipped with a patented wave-off capability where operators can abort missions at any time and recommit
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