India's $600M MQ-9B UAS Purchase Gathers Pace

India’s $600M MQ-9B Drone Purchase Gathers Pace: Media Report – link

Source: Defense World

Article Headlines
  • The Indian defence ministry plans to acquire six MQ-9B Guardian UAVs – two each for the Army, Air Force and the Navy – for $600 million under fast track procurement
  • New Delhi wants to invest $3 billion for 30 UAVs, sources told INDIA TODAY
  • Acceptance of Necessity for 30 drones will be put before an upcoming meeting of the Defence Acquisition Council (DAC), headed by defence minister Rajnath Singh
  • The remaining 24—eight drones for each service—will be acquired over the next three years under an ‘option clause’ in the contract
  • The deal has been in the pipeline for the past three years, first as the sale of 22 Sea Guardians for the Indian Navy in 2017. This was then converted into a tri-services acquisition by the government in 2018 when the armed version of the MQ-9 was cleared for sale to India by the US
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