AeroVironment to start production on larger Switchblade

AeroVironment to start production on larger Switchblade ahead of military deployment – link

Source: Flight Global

Article Headlines
  • AeroVironment plans to start low-rate production of a larger variant of its Switchblade loitering munition ahead of operational deployment with an unnamed military customer
  • The company says the new Switchblade is aimed at the tactical missile market currently occupied by the Lockheed Martin Hellfire, Lockheed Martin/ Raytheon Javelin and Raytheon TOW missiles
  • The larger Switchblade variant offers a longer range and carries a bigger munition, although AeroVironment has provided no specifics
  • ”The nature of the Switchblade emerging family of systems is scalability. So, if you start with the original Switchblade – small, man-portable, backpack-able, dismounted inventory type of solution – designed for certain kind of soft targets, for example, the larger variant is obviously bigger, can fly longer, farther, carry a larger warhead and deliver much more significant effects on targets,” says Steven Gitlin, chief marketing officer and vice-president of investor relations. ”And, there are opportunities for different points along that scale, addressing all kinds of different missions that our customers are facing.”
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