IAI's partners with Alpha Unmanned for mini rotary UAS

Unmanned Helicopter Squadron Launched for Civil Applications link

Source: UST

Article Headlines
  • Alpha Unmanned Systems’ UAVs have formed the basis for MultiFlyer, a new product from IAI that uses a synchronized squadron of unmanned helicopters to provide advanced wide-area monitoring capabilities for a variety of non-military applications, such as search and rescue, law enforcement, traffic control, and marine and agricultural monitoring
  • MultiFlyer can be activated from a tablet or smartphone that serves as a single point of control for synchronized UAV capabilities including automated takeoff and landing, flight planning, mission management and more
  • A secure network connection allows simultaneous usage by multiple operators, and the system can be adapted to work with other drones and a wide variety of payloads
  • Alpha Unmanned Systems’ helicopters were integrated with components from IAI and other companies, with a command and control system designed by Simplex and area scanning technologies provided by Sightec
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