World's 1st Full-scale Offshore UAV Demonstration

World’s First Full-Scale Offshore UAV Delivery Carried Out – link

Source: UST

Article Headlines
  • Schiebel and Nordic Unmanned have carried out what is claimed to be the world’s first full-scale offshore UAV cargo delivery from shore to an active oil and gas installation
  • Schiebel’s S-100 UAV was used to simulate the scenario of an urgent requirement for specific essential spare parts at the gas production platform Troll A, owned by Norwegian energy company Equinor
  • The S-100 took off from Mongstad near the west coast of Norway, where the spare parts had been 3D-printed, and flew 100 km (55 nm) to the Troll A platform in the North Sea
  • After making the delivery, the UAV also performed a close inspection around the platform before heading home
  • The simulated delivery exercise was part of a series of flight trials that also included a successful Search and Rescue (SAR) mission, where a “man over board” dummy was quickly located by the UAV
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