Insitu Pacific, Nova Systems Team for Australian-led LAND 129 Solution

Insitu Pacific, Nova Systems Team for Australian-led LAND 129 Solution link

Source: UAS Vision

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  • Insitu Pacific signed a teaming agreement with Nova Systems as part of its Australian-industry-led proposal to supply tactical Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) to the Australian Army under LAND 129 Phase 3
  • The addition of Nova Systems to the Insitu Pacific team supports a low-risk solution and ensures a rapid, fully operational capability can be delivered to Army
  • As one of the key Australian industry partners to form part of the comprehensive Insitu Pacific UAS offering to Army, Nova Systems is a sovereign partner and key contributor to the defence and security of Australia
  • For over 20 years, Nova Systems has been a trusted provider to the Australian Defence Force in the development and delivery of test, evaluation, certification and systems assurance, capabilities critical to Defence
  • Army’s goals for capability procurement under LAND 129 include requirements to ensure that the UAS delivered are flexibly able to operate in Commercial airspace in Australia or overseas on deployment. This drives a focus on providing proven systems with extensive testing data and technical detail to enable the work necessary with Defence and Civil regulators to support these types of operations
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