Malaysia's Maritime MALE Requirement

Malaysia to launch competition for drones and manned maritime patrol aircraft – link

Source: Defense News

Article Headlines
  • Malaysia is seeking three medium-altitude, long-endurance UAS
  • The announcement was sent to “selected embassies” and published in two of Malaysia’s national newspapers as well as the government’s online tender portal. The government said the full tender documents will be available Sept. 3 and that interested parties must submit bids no later than Nov. 26
  • Under its Capability 55 plan, the Royal Malaysian Air Force has an eventual requirement for six UAS to improve maritime domain awareness
  • The drone requirement is likely to attract interest from General Atomics with its MQ-9 Reaper; Aviation Industry Corporation of China with its Wing Loong family of systems; Leonardo with the Falco; and Turkish Aerospace Industries’ Anka series
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