AI algorithm defeats human fighter pilot in simulated dogfight

AI algorithm defeats human fighter pilot in simulated dogfight link

Source: C4ISR

Article Headlines
  • An artificial intelligence algorithm has defeated a human F-16 fighter pilot in a virtual dogfight simulation
  • The Aug. 20 event was the finale of the Pentagon research agency’s AI air combat competition. The algorithm, developed by Heron Systems, easily defeated the fighter pilot in all five rounds that capped off a yearlong competition hosted by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
  • The competition, called the AlphaDogfight Trials, was part of DARPA’s Air Combat Evolution program, which is exploring automation in air-to-air combat and looking to improve human trust in AI systems
  • The conditions in the simulation weren’t realistic for aerial combat. To start, the artificial intelligence system had perfect information, which experts commentating on the event noted never happens in the field. The human pilot was also flying a fake stick in a virtual seat
  • Heron’s AI system gained notoriety throughout the competition for its aggressiveness and the accuracy of its shot
  • DARPA’s leadership on the project acknowledged that the results of the simulated dogfight are just the first step in a long journey to fielding AI that can fight in air combat
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