Australia's Loyal Wingman breaks cover

Loyal Wingman breaks cover – link

Source: Australian Defence

Article Headlines
  • Boeing Defence Australia’s Airpower Teaming System (ATS), more commonly known as Loyal Wingman, has been spotted by local sources out in the open in the past week
  • Until now, the only released pictures of the unmanned platform have been carefully controlled by the original equipment manufacturer, but it would appear that the aircraft is now being prepared for taxi trials at an undisclosed location, possibly Amberley, ahead of its first flight
  • Until now Boeing has declined to reveal where the aircraft was being built, other than ‘somewhere in Queensland’ or when and where the first flight would take place, beyond saying ‘sometime in 2020’
  • The ATS is a joint program between BDA and Defence and known as Defence Project 6014 (Loyal Wingman Advanced Development Program) and launched amid much fanfare at the 2019 Australian International Airshow at Avalon by then Minister for Defence Christopher Pyne
  • Under the terms of the project Defence is contributing $40 million to build three ATS prototypes to further explore the concept of airpower teaming, under which autonomous vehicles operate with manned platforms during a range of air combat missions
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