US senators want to block UAS sales to Saudi Arabia

US senators want to block drone sales to Saudis – link

Source: Defence Web

Article Headlines
  • Republican and Democratic senators introduced legislation on Thursday that would block international sales of American-made drones to countries that are not close US allies, mentioning Saudi Arabia in particular
  • Republican Senators Mike Lee and Rand Paul, Democratic Senators Chris Murphy and Chris Coons, and Senator Bernie Sanders, an independent who caucuses with Democrats, introduced the measure
  • It would amend the Arms Export Control Act to prohibit the export, transfer or trade of many advanced drones except to NATO members, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan and Israel, they said in a news release
  • The measures have passed with bipartisan support, but failed to get enough Republican support to override Trump’s vetoes
Overview & Comments
  • Only recently the US introduced its newest attempt in easing UAS export regulations
  • Part of the effort is to open exports to potential users with specific emphasize for Saudi Arabia, the UAE and India
  • Currently, these middle eastern countries are equipped with Chinese MALE systems due to the various export regulations
  • See “Ease on US UAS export regulations”
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