Schiebel's S-100 UAS Selected for UK Coastguard’s First SAR Missions

CAMCOPTER S-100 UAS Selected for UK Coastguard’s First SAR Missions

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Article Headlines
  • Schiebel’s S-100 has been selected to support search and rescue missions for the UK’s HM Coastguard in maritime and mountain environments in north Wales
  • This marks the first time that HM Coastguard has used unmanned aircraft for search and rescue
  • Two S-100s have undertaken a rigorous three-month test program and will be operated by Bristow, who provide the HM Coastguard Search and Rescue Helicopter Service
  • The UAV will launch from Caernarfon in Wales, and will support manned helicopters in safety patrols across beaches from Conwy Bay to Llandudno and inland search and rescue across Snowdonia
  • This operational evaluation aims to give operations staff for HM Coastguard the benefit and experience of live situations and incidents that are suited to unmanned aircraft operations
  • The program has been designed to complement work being carried out by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency to develop regulations under which UAVs can operate as SAR aircraft
  • Unmanned aircraft are expected to play a key role when UKSAR2G, the second-generation of search and rescue service, begins operations in 2024
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