Centralized multiple UAS control

Flylogix and Cambridge Consultants to Deliver Central Control – link

Source: UAS Vision

Article Headlines

  • Flylogix and Cambridge Consultants, part of the Capgemini Group, have announced a collaboration that will exploit Iridium’s state-of-the-art satellite communications to safely control unmanned aerial vehicles from a central control hub
  • This will enable Flylogix to move from local drone piloting at the airfield to centrally controlled operations, massively increasing the resilience of their services to offshore installations
  • The Flylogix service reduces the cost, risk and environmental impact of gathering data from offshore exploration and production activities
  • Remote monitoring using satellite-controlled drones is a critical development for offshore operations, while applications that extend beyond line of sight are the next frontier in drone service development
  • Flylogix has already developed a novel dual satellite link that exploits the cost-effective Iridium network using one of the smallest transceivers available, enabling safe, commercial operations that extend over the horizon. Cambridge Consultants will work with Flylogix to develop and enhance the performance of this system to enable resilient and reliable global operations, all controlled from Flylogix’s head office in the United Kingdom

Overview & Comments

  • Multiple UAV control from a single GCS / console is a natural course of UAS evolution
  • Whether fully controlled from the ground and / or capable of direct communication & coordination between the aerial vehicles themselves (i.e. directly swarm enabled) numerous technologies are emerging with various already operational
  • The capability is a force multiplier for both military & civilian applications where a requirement of wide area monitoring & multi-domain operations are needed while drastically reducing the required operating manpower
  • In addition, the ability enables to maintain a persistent number of assets on station with continuous simplified operation between replacements
  • Contact ABG-SC to learn more on multi-UAS technologies

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